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The Life of Eye Foundation is dedicated to fostering antifragility and personal growth. We work closely with organizations, schools, and individuals to provide training and consultancy services that prepare them for life’s challenges.

  • For schools, we design and deliver tailored programs suitable for all levels, from engaging classroom discussions to full course development and teaching.
  • For organizations, we conduct needs assessments, followed by tailored resilience training and workshops.
  • For individuals, we offer personalized coaching, tools, and workshops that catalyze self-discovery and empowerment.

Our approach is backed by real-world experiences and a deep understanding of human resilience.

A Classroom Experience Beyond the Curriculum

Are you an educator looking to inspire your students with real-world insights? Contact us to book Logan for a complimentary in-class discussion.
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Transform Challenges into Growth

We empower you with tools and strategies before adversity hits, ensuring that you are well-positioned to not just face, but harness challenges for growth.

Discovery the Journey Behind the Vision

Interested in delving deeper into Logan's journey and the impactful narratives he's captured? Visit loganabassi.com to explore his legacy and profound contributions.